Hidden shipment of 1,500 kilos of cocaine found on board ship in the port of Tanger med

The cocaine business continues to be strongly targeted at Europe. Merchandise from South America, taking advantage of the merchant network for increasingly large shipments of cocaine and other drugs.

International anti-drug agencies, in multinational cooperation, achieve in their investigation the decryption of communications, valuable information from encrypted equipment, used by organized crime groups in recent years in countries such as the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and the United Kingdom. Acquiring in this way valuable information from European, Brazilian, Colombian and Mexican drug trafficking groups involved in shipments of cocaine to different ports in Europe, including that found on board a Hong Kong-flag merchant ship.

During the inspection of the ship, 50 bales with narcotic substances were found with a value of 45 million euros on the European market. The intelligence reports provided show that they entered on board in the climbing mode in Buenaventura – Colombia. Finally, after a thorough inspection, agents found the cargo hidden in one of the ship’s compartments.

According to sources close to the operation, the investigation is ongoing and they hope to give greater results in the war on drugs.

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